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Squint Correction

Squint Correction

The misalignment can occur in any direction, but is commonly known as a squint or being cross-eyed. This is caused by an imbalance between the muscles controlling eye movements. Strabismus can also be associated with a lazy eye also known as amblyopia.

Eye Exercises

Some people respond to simple daily eye tracking exercises that strengthen eye muscles and improve alignment.


Temporary or permanent prisms can be placed onto your glasses, to compensate for the eye misalignment and improve double vision.


Strabismus surgery aims to permanently correct the imbalance by repositioning the muscles of the eyeball. It also helps for cosmetic reasons in children and adults.


Wearing a patch over the stronger eye can improve the sight in the eye with the squint. Please do not patch any eye without a proper eye investigation by an Ophthalmologist.


Many children with a squint need glasses. The most common reason for glasses is that the child has long-sight which is causing one eye to turn inwards. The long-sighted glasses help the eyes to focus and may stop the eye turning. You may still notice the squint when the glasses are taken off.

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